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COVID-19 Update: 

The governor of New Hampshire announced on April 6th that all Hotels will be closed to non-essential travel. This order will remain in effect until June 5th. We understand that we have workers who fall into the category of essential so we will remain open.  We will be confirming your travel with you before check-in and have the right to refuse service to those who are traveling for non essential purposes. As part of this order all online bookings are prohibited before June 5th. If your travel is essential we thank you for your service and we ask that you call our reservation line at:

603-747-2418 or 800-626-9105

If you are booking past June 4th, new reopening rules apply: 

New Hampshire residents can now book with no restrictions. Out of state residents can only book if they can attest that all the person(s) staying at the lodging facility remained at a home for at least 14 days before arriving in New Hampshire, only going out for essential items and when outside of the home maintaining social distancing and wearing face masks when within less than 6 feet of another person during this 14 day “quarantine.” 

If you meet this criteria we encourage you to book online below. 

If you BOOK ONLINE before June 5th your reservation will be CANCELLED!

AGAIN PLEASE NOTE: if you book a reservation online for a stay before June 5th your reservation will be cancelled. We ask that you call us to book for essential travel before that date.